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super cute game!

I hope you don't mind, but I made a gameplay video of your game.

I really enjoyed playing it! It was lots of fun and very, very cute.

It wont let me give the money to the animal blocking the cart, what do i do? If anyone is even still active and looks at the comments.. hehe

If you are talking about the horse that gives the rides, i just gave her foods i got from the stands and she moved

i had to give her a macaroon i found at the end of the maze, she wouldn't take food i payed from the stand.

If this was made in VX ACE, would you like it brought over to RPG Maker MV?

i hate battle games...ok guys

I requested to play this one for a gaming channel and I really enjoyed it.  The artstyle is nice, made more impressive that it was all done by one person, and it's well written as well.

My only problem with it is that this game falls into a trap I see a lot of "first RPGMaker games" fall into.  Some key items can be difficult to find, and it can throw a roadblock in your playthrough.  Karpo posted a guide below on how to find the two juice boxes.  Use that if needed.

I've been playing for a while but I can't find the money ^^'

Oh my, I'm sorry! If you talk to Maple's mom in the maze, she will give you money!

Ah, I only saw the reply today. Thanks but... what maze?

From the screenshot you showed me, you're in area one. There's a place where you do need money, so that's why there was confusion. In terms of trading, you need three hazelnuts. Two of them are in area one, and the second one in area two. They look like this:

Talk to the witch afterwards, and she'll give you juice. Then talk to the girls sitting in area two and you'll get a second juice. After you talk to juice girl, she'll give you a key, and you can open the box next to her and continue on. Hope that helps and thank you for playing still!

Hmm! This game seems interesting, I'll download it now and play later~